Welcome to the White Rose Employee Ownership Centre (WREOC)

At a time of growing interest in alternative forms of ownership and organisation the White Rose Employee Ownership Centre (WREOC) brings together some of the most respected UK scholars in employee ownership. WREOC aims to establish the White Rose universities as the leading centre for employee ownership research in the UK by encouraging closer collaboration between these scholars as well as policy-makers, practitioners from companies, and professional services personnel. These collaborations will help to define new research agendas, promote innovative cross-disciplinary research projects, facilitate funding applications, and help generate highly applicable research.   

Employee Ownership Day
03 July 2017

To mark Employee Ownership Day 2017 the White Rose Employee Ownership Centre (WREOC) has released an updated report on Employee Ownership in Britain and a fact sheet. The report is based on...

Employee Ownership In Britain Today 2014/15 - Updated November 2015
23 November 2015

A new report by the White Rose Centre for Employee Ownership (WREOC) on Employee Ownership In Britain Today. UPDATED November 2015